The Old School Book Catapult

Formerly known as The Book Catapult, this is now simply the blog of The Book Catapult – an actual independent bookstore in San Diego, CA!

Catapult Launched!

Just a quick update here: The Book Catapult is open for business (as of October 7th) but as you can see, our website remains what it has always been – pretty bloggy-looking.

We’re getting there, I promise. You will soon be able to order books online, check out staff recommendations, see our event calendar, all that sort of thing.

Catapult!22221534_1592189257485804_6270198161953667983_nIn the meantime, come visit! That’s really what this is all about – a physical brick-and-mortar bookstore where you can handle/sniff/flip-through all the books you want (and hopefully buy some of them), discover books you didn’t know you needed to read, maybe have some literature-related conversation, and just enjoy being in a space filled with books. It’s kind of the best place on earth right now, just sayin’.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Sunday: 11am – 5pm

Closed Mondays

(619) 795-3780

3 comments on “Catapult Launched!

  1. Ahmed Randall
    November 3, 2017

    Thank you for your business lessons, you helped me a lot.

  2. Karen
    November 22, 2017
    November 26, 2017

    So nice to learn of an independent bookstore! Good luck to you..I’ll come by..i love mysyeries.📖

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