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A Year of Reading, Week 31

This was Anthony Doerr Week – all I read were things written by him.

This is just after Wednesday night’s event at Warwick’s – Tony Doerr (plaid shirt) and yours truly in front of 110 adoring All the Light We Cannot See fans. A staggeringly amazing, humbling evening. We discussed the impetus for the new novel, the ten years of research and writing he spent crafting it, his life as a “dilettante” college student (which ultimately lead him to writing as an outlet), the connectivity of radio in the 1940’s, Edward R. Murrow, the connections between people every day that may set the course of our lives in innumerable ways, the perils of writing about Nazis, and whether the ease of information access through modern technology is a detriment or an asset to humanity. You know, small picture stuff.

A HUGE thank you to Anthony Doerr for letting me crash his party and be a part of his universe for an evening – and for being one of the most wonderful, inspiring, and generous human beings I’ve ever had the honor to meet.

And of course, massive thanks to my whole Warwick’s extended family – Julie, Nancy, Adrian especially. Thank you for so graciously letting me come back to my bookselling roots and be a part of this amazing event.


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